Our Animated Fourth Graders: The Water Cycle

Fourth graders Dyneal and Tamoy created this animated explanation of the water cycle. Here’s what they had to say about working on this project:

Dyneal: “I like our project because me and my partner had fun doing it.  I like when we drew the pictures and then animated it.  Also I like when we pick the music for the animation and saw it in a movie.  The recording we did for the movie was good.  This was a really movie.  I had learn how to make animation from this project.”

and his partner, Tamoy: “I like the project because it is fun.  At first me and my partner didn’t know what we were doing then we started getting the hang of it.  I like this project very much.  This is a one of a kind experience.  I hope we do this again in fifth grade.  I like the part when me and my partner didn’t know what we were doing and we was just playing around and everything.”


Our Animated Fourth Graders: Our Solar System

Here’s an original animation explaining the planets (and former planets) in our solar system. Great job James and Shian!

And here’s what Shian has to say about working on this project:

“It was so fun working with our computer teacher making these animations. It was great to learn something new. I had fun working with my partner to make this animation. I hope when I become a computer teacher I can show each steps to students. I hope that I have Ms. Phillips as my computer teacher gain next year and somethings can be more challenging and even more fun.”


Our Animated Fourth Graders: The Sleep Cycle

An original animation explaining the sleep cycle, created by Choylan and Jessica. Here’s what they had to say about working on their project:

Choylan: “When my partner and I did our movie we felt great.  We felt great becase we were going to be teaching our viewers why sleep was important.  So that way they can go home and tell their parent not to wake them up so early in the morning.  Like at 5:00 in the morning.  You need an ideal amount of sleep time.”

Jessica: “When we did the sleep cycle project we were happy because we got to do something to show people how the sleep cycle works.  It was fun because it was the first time we got to do an animation.  I loved doing the sleep cycle.

The Sleep Cycle

Our Animated Fourth Graders: Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad

This original animation about Harriet Tubman was created by Amber and Halina. Here’s what they had to say about working on their project:

Amber: “I really enjoyed working on this animation project.One reason was because me and my partner both communicated with each other pretty well so we were able to finish the work that we did.Me and Halina both did a equal amount of work so it was fair.While we worked on our animation it was fun because we actually got to learn some things about the history of Harriet Tubman.I thought we did a very good job.”

Halina: “I liked the animation a lot. In the beginning we had trouble, as we moved on we got better at it.I enjoyed working with Amber. I like to do animations now.I wish to do another animation with Amber because it was easy for us because we agreed with each other. If I could do another animation it would be about my experience doing my first animation.I had a lot of fun.”

Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad

Our Animated Fourth Graders: The Forbidden Volcano

An original animation about a volcano, created by Darius and Brianna. Here’s what they had to say about the project:

Darius: “I think that this was a great project doing animations. It was a fun project. I wish I can do this project over and over again.Me and my partner enjoyed this project. When I was recording, I was afraid my voice wouldn’t sound good, but I got over it when I finished. It was a great project!!”

Brianna: “I loved doing this project . It is like making a cartoon but much better. Me and my partner had a rough time thinking of a topic because my partner wanted to do the water cycle and I wanted to do volcano . But a different group wanted to do the water cycle so we did volcano.”I always get my way .” But we couldn’t finish our project without Mrs.Phillips and her help . She makes the project very fun she is a great teacher, if anyone did this project with her you would probably finish it in like 3, 4 , or 5 days. I LOVE THIS PROJECT !!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Forbidden Volcano

Our Animated Fourth Graders: The Turtlelicious Show

“The Turtlelicious Show” is our third entry, created by Kara and Nia. Here’s Nia’s reflection on this project:

“I Nia loved doing this animation.We worked really hard with Frames. Frames helped us do the transitions, put the steps in order, to put the music, and help us to put our voices in our animations. But Frames is another progam that helped us. Twist helped us because in Twist we used the drawing tools, and helped us do our scenes and share our things. I would love to do this again. I enjoyed it because it was very fun. My favorite thing was drawing in Twist. In Frames my favorite thing was finishing and putting music in. By doing this animation it made me learn more about turtles and their life cycle. I had alot of research on the turtle’s life cycle. I didn’t think of the turtle idea, my partner picked it.

One day Ms. Phillips told us hat she had a new project that she would like us to do. I knew it would be exciting. That is when she introduced us to Twist and Frames. As soon as I reached to the progam I liked it.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

The Turtlelicious Show

Our Animated Fourth Graders: The Tomato Plant Tree




This entry into our animation festival is “The Tomato Plant Tree” by Amirah and Nyasia. Here’s a word from the film makers:

“I, Amirah loved doing this project! I have worked very hard. The most INCREDIBLE thing about doing this project was being able to work together and going in Frames. Frames is the best thing that I have ever worked with! You can export things, move things anywhere how you want them to move. In Twist you can export things, draw, copy and paste and undo your drawing, and open new files. The only different thing between Frames and Twist is that in Frames you can do a transition and in Twist you can draw. The best thing about doing this animation was being able to do the best animation that I will ever make. It also can teach people how to do things or what to do when you need an idea. Thats why me and my partner Nyasia came up with this idea “The Tomato Plant Tree.” It teaches you how a plant grows. It is very helpful because you can do it at home. As you can see doing an animation is not easy. Watch my animation and see how hard we worked on it. We put transitions, backrounds, moving things, voices, and the most hard thing was dragging things into Frames from Twist. You have to export all of your drawings and then carry them into Frames. Its very hard to do this without a partner. Good thing I had one.

Mrs.Phillips my computer teacher was very instructive she went through everything very carefully making sure that we understand everything that we had to do. When we had to export things and move them each time. She told us loud and clear so that everyone can hear her but some people don’t know how to do it because some weren’t paying attention but besides that I loved doing this project for some other reasons. The one most important reason for doing this project was to get a good grade and also do a project that I will never forget and always will amaze me.
One day when I come back to this computer room and we have to do this project again I would love to do this again. Plus you need lots of research and do something that you are very interested in and that you put lots of effort into! (P.S. Mrs. Phillips is the best computer teacher that I ever had) By like two days you will be a pro in anything with a computer teacher like Mrs.Phillips.”

And from Nyasia: “Hi! my name is Nyasia. I  liked this project because it was intresting.  It took us a long time to finish it,but when we finally got done,it was a  relief!!The program “Twist” was very fun.You can use text,polygon tool,export images, and more.Another program that I used to complete the animation was Frames. On Frames you can make your animation.You can also make title cards on Frames. It was fun.Thanks to Mrs. Phillips,we got our animation done.Without her help,we couldn’t get our animation done!Mrs.Phillips deleted the scenes that we didnt need anymore,  She helped us add some cool music to our animation.She helped us edit  our lines,and she helped us voice record.I thank Mrs. Phillips alot.My partner and I worked really hard on this.Me and my partner Amirah came up with this idea called “The Tomato Plant Tree”.Thats when we started to get to work.The project actually amazed me.It was exciting too!Me and Amirah worked really really REALLY hard on this project. It was fun drawing pictures and getting to use the tools on twist.the polygon tool was really neat.Frames was even better.In Frames you can make title cards.On the Title cards you can use diffrent writings.Mrs. Phillips worked really hard with us.She helped us too.I looooved this project!Thanks Mrs. Phillips.I dont know how you come up with these great projects,but I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the complements, and let me say that I did not pay you to say all those nice things!

The Tomato Plant Tree